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Azure AD B2C – Get started

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Long time, since I wrote my last post, but I realized, due to the large amount of requests, that my blog actually was of use! Even though I have been inactive, I was obviously still working with Azure, but not with my traditional integration services, such as Microsoft BizTalk Server and Logic Apps. I was actually working with Azure Functions, IoT Hub, API Management and my newest favorite in the Azure family… Azure Active Directory B2C, short Azure AD B2C!

For those of you who are not familiar with Azure AD B2C, it is Microsoft Azure’s newest service for providing an Identity and Access Management solution for companies with B2C services & products. It enables companies to have a centralized service for everything regarding user management.

During the upcoming weeks I will be posting how to work with Azure AD B2C and how to actually enable it in your existing web application. This is due to the fact, that I have a customer today that is in the need of a cloud-based IAM solution, that aims for scalability. And due to my fascination towards Azure, I will focus on my blog on Azure’s solution!

How to get started

It is as simple as that… no… unfortunately I cannot start how to get started with “it is as simple as that”… The reason is pretty bad in my opinion (actually one of just a few negative things I have seen so far), you still have to use the old portal. I do not really get that one, but nevermind… The new portal has been released for quite some time, but still, some new services, which maybe just are extensions to old ones, are rolled out in the old portal…

Go to and click “new”, “App Services”, “Azure Directory” and select “Directory”, see picture 1 below.

Picture 1 – Create Azure Directory

After doing so a new modal will be visible, showing you some settings that need to be made in order for you to create your Azure AD B2C directory. In order for you to create the directory, you need to give it a name, an unique identifier as tenant name, which region you want to host this tenant and then the most important part, you need to check the “This is a B2C directory” (see picture 2) – if you would miss that, you need to delete the created directory and the repeat the steps before.

Picture 2 – Set up Azure AD B2C directory

As soon as you save that, Azure will create your directory and this might take a few minutes, so keep calm and get yourself a coffee 🙂

When Azure tells you it is done. you can find your newly created Azure directory in the list provided under “Azure Directory” in the left navigation, see picture 3.

Picture 3 – Your Azure AD B2C directory

Well… that is it pretty much.. that is all you need to create your Azure AD B2C directory and actually this is the only time you need the old portal if you press that “Manage B2C settings” link provided in your directory administration in the old portal you will be redirected to the new portal, providing you the Azure AD B2C adminstration screen (see picture 4).

Picture 4 – Azure AD B2C administration

That is it for tonight… The upcoming weeks I will be doing some video tutorials as well as good old blog posts about how to use Azure AD B2C, from setting up your MVC project, as well as how migration would look like and customization and so on and so on and so on…

Please provide me with some information about what you would like to hear about and I can look what I can do! So long!

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